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A Few Common Issues with Laptops and Computers

Most of the time whenever your laptop or computer goes down or shows any problem the first and most common advice you get is to “restart your laptop or computer”. But is it the right fix? At times it might work but when the issue is more complex, then it is always advised to get in touch with reputable and experienced computer and laptop repair services like us, PCXpert. Of course, you can find a myriad of home remedies on Google for fixing the issues with your laptop or computer, but depending on these remedies can worsen the issues! So it is better to leave it to the experts!

Being one of the leading computer repairs services in York, we have noted down some of the most common and frequently occurring issues related to laptops and computers below. Take a look to be aware of the type of issues, which will save a lot of time and effort.

Sound System is not Working

The problem could be with the mic or the speaker. The first thing you need to do is to check the mute button and volume levels. If still, the issue persists then you need to get in touch with good computer and laptop repair services.

The Frozen Screen

Sometimes by simply restarting the system, this problem gets resolved. However, if the freezing of the screen occurs frequently then it can hamper your work and there might be several underlying issues. There might be some faulty applications installed causing the freeze or there might be some issues with the hardware like a failed hard drive or faulty memory.

Error with Applications

At times some applications do not open or show error messages. For such problems, there are numerous solutions online such as reinstalling the application or closing it, but if still, the application shows an error then there might be problems like viruses or corrupt windows files on your system. If you have already tried all these methods but still the issue is not fixed you need to consult an expert computer repairs services in York.

Your System is Not Turning On

If your laptop is not turning on after charging it for hours, then the problem can either be with the charger or the DC input on the motherboard. For computers, there might be issues with the electrical supply or motherboard. It is always advised to leave this job to the professionals as it requires the removal of the motherboard for repair.

System Restarts Frequently

When your system restarts in the middle of work, it can annoy you as well as hamper your work. The frequent restarts can be caused due to several different hardware issues or corrupt windows system files. Therefore, taking the help of professional computer repair services is highly essential.

Noisy System

At times laptops and computers make unusual sounds persistently which might be due to loosened parts. So whenever you hear any sort of strange noise that should not be there, it is always good to get it checked by expert computer and laptop repair services.

Heating Issue

Due to some internal issues your system or laptop can heat up. The most common issue is the build-up of lint in the fans causing the system to run hot. Another issue might be the silicone paste used for transferring heat from the CPU tends to dry up after a few years contributing to the overheating problem. Constant heat exposure can permanently damage your system parts, hence needs an early fix.

We at PCXpert are one of the most reputable and professional computer and laptop repair services who can help you get the issues of your computer or laptop fixed efficiently.

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