Laptop Repair Services in York

A Sneak Peek at Common Laptop Issues

What makes a laptop a popular choice is its light weight and portability. Laptops are essentially a boon for all who are constantly on the go!

Being an expert computer and laptop repair service in York, we have brought you some of the common laptop problems.

  1. Slowing down of the Laptop

The most common problem that a laptop usually faces is a slowing down of the system, especially when too many files and programs are saved on it due to regular use. One of the best ways to tackle this issue is to free up some space by deleting some files and unused programs and keeping the desktop organized. You can also transfer old files to an external hard drive.

  1. Automatic Shutdowns

When laptops automatically shut down due to overheating it could be an accumulation of dirt in the CPU fan, the fan is running too slow or not at all or the CPU needs to be reseated.  You should not try to repair these problems yourself.  PCXpert is available to help with these issues.

  • The Draining Battery

A laptop with a new battery may have many hours of battery life. It really depends on how many programs you have open at one time and how much power is needed to run those programs.  As the battery ages it loses strength.  It is best to have PCXpert replace the battery as it starts take too long to charge and does not last long enough.

Besides these common laptop problems, there are many other issues that arise in an older laptop. Motherboard failure, malfunctioning LCD screen or screen dimming/flashing, memory stick failures and many more.  So, if you are facing any issues with your laptop that is beyond your capability, then get in touch with professional computer and laptop repair services like us at PCXpert York.

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