Computer Repair

For 16 years PCXpert has helped thousands of home users and businesses.

We fix all brands and all models of desktops and laptops.

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Virus Removal

We remove ALL VIRUSES without wiping your data!

Your data is always safe and confidential with PCXpert.
Simply bring the PC or laptop into the shop and we remove ALL viruses for one low price.
Fast turnaround: 48 hours or less ​

If your PC has any of these symptoms then you probably have a virus. 

  • Has your system become very slow?
  • Do you have unwanted pop-ups?
  • Do windows open up with advertisements?
  • Do you have a window that tells you that your PC is infected and lists all the found viruses?
  • Can you no longer get on the internet?

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Data Recovery

Did you lose your data?

Did you accidentally delete an important file?

Did your hard drive die?

Did you reload Windows and now your data is missing?

Was your hard drive in a fire or submerged in water?

Did you just never get around to backing up your data?

Do you have important documents and pictures in the drive that you need?

Just bring the PC or the hard drive into our shop and let us retrieve your information. We will restore your data onto your computer or other media you provide.

In the rare case where we cannot recover your data, we partner with a company that specializes in the disassembly of hard drives. They will remove the platters and then reinsert the platters into a drive from which they can recover your data. This work is all done in a dust-free, clean-room environment. Call or stop in for more information.

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Other Computer Services

Install Computer Software, Updates, and Upgrades

 - All computers have operating software that continually needs updating. Some updates do not install properly leaving you venerable to bad things.

Tune-up - A tune-up includes updating the operating software and application software. We update the hardware driver software and we speed up the startup and running of the programs.

Broken Laptop Screens - Includes complete disassembly of the laptop to remove the screen. We then can give you a price using an exact match for your screen. If we do not have the screen in our inventory, we will order one. When the screen arrives we install the new screen to restore your laptop.

Power Jack Repairs - Plugging the AC adapter into the laptop sometimes breaks the power jack. We can replace the power jack to restore the charging of the laptop.

Replace Hard Drives - The new hard drives have no moving parts and are much faster than older drives. We can replace the hard drive, which can make an older laptop run as fast as a brand-new computer

Memory Upgrades - If you start multiple programs at one time and or play memory-hogging programs like games, we can add more memory into your computer to make it fast again.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement - Over time the keyboard on your laptop may have keys that do not work anymore. We can replace the keyboard in your laptop.

Fans - Fans have bearings that wear out and become noisy or stop completely. We will replace bad fans both in laptops and desktops.

Microscopic Repairs and Soldering - We have the equipment and skill to do microscopic soldering.

Pick-up and Delivery Available - For a small charge we will pick up and deliver your computer

In our store, we have a large inventory of replacement parts.

If it is not cost-effective to fix your current computer, we also have new and used desktops and laptops for sale.


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Q: How do I find a good computer repair technician in York?

A:To find a good computer repair technician in York you must consider a few things that include: 

  • Reading the reviews about the technicians online thoroughly on sites such as Google, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. You can also take suggestions from your near and dear ones.
  • Look for computer repair technicians that offer on-site support as it is convenient and easier for you especially if you have a busy schedule.
  • Get price estimates from different companies and compare them to narrow down your list of candidates. 
  • Ask for service guarantees and warranties on parts and labor.
  • Verify if the computer repair technician has an up-to-date license or not.

We at PCXpert Company Inc. possess more than 16 years of experience in fixing computers and laptops of all brands and models in York.

Q: How much do you charge for computer repairs?

A: At PCXpert Company Inc., our charges for computer repairs vary depending upon the type of repair service, parts used, and the time needed to fix the issue. The complexity of the issue plays a major role here as well as far as pricing is concerned.

Q: How long will it take to repair my computer?

A: Again, the time to fix the issue depends upon the complexities and issues within your system. For instance, if the computer has software problems like viruses then our turnaround is one to two days.  However, if the issue is with the hardware like a blank screen, laptop overheating, etc. then it may take three to four days.

Q: Do you service my laptop in front of me?

A: Yes, if the issue is minor and can be fixed without much time, we can service your laptop in front of you. However, if the issue is complex then you will need to leave the computer with us.

Q: Do you give estimations over the phone?

A: We give some prices over the phone but most problems will require us looking and physically touching the computer. As soon as possible we will investigate the problem and give you a free estimate of how much the repair will cost and how long the repair will take.

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