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IT Support

PCXpert offers complete IT support for your home or small business. We can have an expert technician on-site to solve your problem.  No matter where you bought them, we will install your computers, software, printers, routers, modems and get them working correctly. 

  • Selling and Installing Software -Microsoft Office, Adobe Products, QuickBooks, Cloud Backup, etc.
  • Wireless Networking- PCXpert helps customers share internet access through a single wireless router. This saves customers the trouble and expense of running cables throughout their home or office.  PCXpert will also set up file and printer sharing for all the computers and devices in the house or business.  We also do ethernet cable runs.
  • Data Backup and Recovery- When it comes to protecting valuable computer data, family photos, financial records, most of us know that we should be making regular backups because a system failure would cause unthinkable hardship. Let us set up an automatic backup solution for you.
  • High-Speed Cable or DSL Modem Setup -Are your systems fast or not connecting to the internet? Let us diagnose the problem and fix it.
  • Personalized Training -PCXpert technicians will explain things so you can understand how to use your computer easier and safer.

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 New and Used Desktops and Laptops

PCXpert sells the most reliable, fastest laptops and desktops on the market at a competitive price.

All computers purchased from PCXpert come with the following:

  • Transfer your data, pictures, and music from your old computer to the new computer.
  • Set up your email.
  • Configure the computer the way you want it.
  • Installation of all your software including Office, QuickBooks, AntiVirus, etc.
  • Phone support is local, you never talk to a foreign support tech.
  • Removal of all junk and trial programs that are installed by the manufacturer.
  • All Windows updates are installed.
  • Assist you in installing your printer.


We strive to sell only the most reliable computers, but if the PC ever needs repair you bring it to PCXpert. There is no need for you to return the computer to Dell or HP and then wait 4 – 6 weeks for it to return.  Because we know how important your computer is to your life, and we will do everything to fix it as quickly as possible.

When you pick up the computer we show you how to use it and make sure you are comfortable with the computer before you leave the store.

We can connect remotely with your computer (with your approval) to fix most problems.

We do not just hand you a box!

 Warranty Policy

  • New Desktop Computer – The motherboard and CPU have a free 3-year exchange warranty. The rest of the parts have 1-year parts and labor warranty.
  • New Laptop Computer – 1-year manufacturer warranty

Note: Large manufacturers charge $129 for a warranty for 3 years parts and labor, and you still must mail the PC away for 4 to 6 weeks of repair time. Most desktops from other companies come with a warranty for just 1-year parts and labor

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Computer Protection

Cloud Backup, Antivirus Programs, Service Contracts

  •  Computer Cloud Backup- The best way to protect your data in an off-site data backup.  If your house or office burns down and your backups are in the fire you have lost everything.   A cloud-based backup solves that problem.  The backup is always sending your encrypted data into the cloud where there are redundant servers in multiple states.  If your hard drive dies, you just buy a new drive, install the operating software, and then tell the cloud backup to restore your data.   You can even buy a cloud-based backup solution that restores everything including the operating software.  You’ll have complete peace of mind that your valuable data is safe.
  • Computer Antivirus Programs- There are many ways a computer can get a virus or malware.  Let us install an antivirus program that automatically updates and scans your files in an effort to protect you.
  • Computer Hardware Service Contracts - We do not believe in service contracts because they almost always cost you more money than if you paid as problems happen.  Technology changes so quickly that if you have a service contract you get the original part replaced when a new part usually is cheaper and has better functionality.  You should always replace parts with the latest version.
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