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Mobile Phone Repairs York: 4 Most Common Repairs with Modern Smartphones

Have you ever cracked your iPhone screen? Ever dropped your iPad which resulted in a fractured screen? Living with a screen covered in spiderweb cracks? Any of these things could leave you looking for iPhone mobile phone repairs in York.

Many people just let these problems go, without realizing that a cracked screen can lead to difficulties with the phone’s inner working at a later phase. Similar to every electronic device, Smartphones also malfunction. Either because of usage or age. The life of every electronic gadget will eventually need a repair.

Computer and Cell Phone Repair

The concern, however, with the advancement in the Smartphone market there’s a huge increase in manufacturers, and with it a great variance in reliability and functionality of the Smartphone. There are innumerable smartphone brands in the market now.

This explains why the mobile phone repair business has flourished globally across the electronics industry. Some repairs only require a DIY solution, but many require specialized professionals.

The problem with DIY without adequate knowledge can lead to disastrous outcomes for both the owner and the phone. Indeed, some attempts are ill-advised. This post will briefly highlight the most common phone repairs York with modern smartphones.

1. Cracked or Smashed Screen: Between 50-55% of all smartphone repairs, are caused when the screen is damaged. A broken touch screen has to be replaced with a new one. Similarly, any damage to the LCD Display calls for a replacement, although minor damage can be repaired. Cracked screens are a fairly common occurrence and immediate replacement can remedy this issue.

2. Water Damage: Water damage is another very common issue demanding phone repair in York. Water immersion has the chance of damaging the circuitry, several hardware components of the phone, and the motherboard. In most cases, it is difficult to repair water damage but with expert service, you may be able to recover the files or other important contents or even repair the mobile if the damage is minimal.

3. Button Replacement: Button repair and replacement is another fairly common issue. Power buttons and home buttons are both very common when it comes to replacing or repairing. Since power buttons and home buttons are both used very often, these buttons tend to not function and need replacement more often than other keys.

4. Charging Ports: Another common issue is undoubtedly the charging port failure and replacement. The charging port is the most common component of a phone that is used multiple times a day. This means, this part of your phone is going to get tons of wear and tear, so it will likely need to be repaired or replaced before your phone reach its full life expectancy. Mobile phones repair York will get your phone’s port repaired and running in no time.

With a professional company like PCXpert, you can get your phone fixed fast and working again without much hassle. Finding a reliable phone repair York is your best bet when it comes to phone repair and service.

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